Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Delos is the birthplace of Apollo.
During the Hellenistic period the city was a major port of trade both in terms of goods and slaves. The city had no planning in terms of building or population control, thus is suffered from poor planning and over-crowding. At its height over 30,000 people lived there. The architecture of the homes and buildings started in Delos and then was copied in parts of Italy and Pompeii. The houses were made of granite, mud, and stone and the main source of light came from oil lamps, candles, and the homes also had no roofs.

The theater of Delos

The museum of Delos

Yep, it's a giant penis.

Yep, it's an alter to the almighty penis.


The pelican who joined me for lunch.
He was -- that close to me. Take your thumb and your index finger and pretend your holding a kernel of corn and that's how close he was to me. We were nose to beak.

He's finished with me.

The streets and sidewalks of Mykonos

Aphrodite's breasts. (They're kinda big. She must of had a boob job.)

The monostary of Mykonos. Camera flashes aren't allowed inside the church, thus the blur of the pictures.


Santorini: Fira

Fira is the capitol of Santorini. My hotel was in the town of Kamari, which was about ten miles from the major hub.
My hotel, the Plaza. A tad different than the one in New York. My room was at the far left...the one away from all of the other rooms. Not sure why...

A church just down the road from the hotel

The streets of Santorini are essentially made of volcanic rock protruding from concrete. Pretty, but not easy or comfortable to walk on.